"Our Expertise"

"Pheme: Your Creative Hub for TVC Excellence Across Every Genre."

“At Pheme Entertainment Private Limited, we operate as an ‘Idea House,’ dedicated to crafting TV commercials (TVCs) across diverse genres while consistently delivering value. Our strength lies in the knowledge and expertise of our team, coupled with extensive research to create impactful content. What sets us apart is our comprehensive approach to artistic expression, covering all verticals of the art form, including Comedy, Social, Thriller, Horror, Musical, Classical, Historical, Mythological, and Film-based programs.”

“At PHEME Entertainment Private Limited, we’re a team of truly talented individuals who thrive on the adrenaline rush of creating exceptional programs. With a penchant for creativity and a crazy sense of humor, we inject energy and excitement into everything we do, much to the delight of our clients. Behind the scenes, our founder, Sanjay A. Singh, drives our vision and inspires us to push boundaries in the entertainment industry.”

“Pheme Entertainment Private Limited is powered by a dedicated team of five individuals, each contributing their expertise to deliver exceptional products and outstanding performance. With diverse backgrounds in creative, technical, and investment realms within the industry, our team ensures unparalleled service.

At the helm is Sanjay A. Singh, serving as the CEO and Managing Director. With a rich history in the media and entertainment sector spanning 34 years, Sanjay brings invaluable experience to the table. Prior to leading Pheme Entertainment, he founded KK Media Group, laying the foundation for the company’s success. Sanjay’s journey began in 1990, collaborating with renowned directors like Amitabh Tripathi and Arun Kaul on notable projects such as documentaries and NFDC’s film DIKSHA.

An industry pioneer, Sanjay holds the distinction of being one of the first Indian technicians trained in non-linear editing, receiving training in AVID technology from Indonesia in 1993. His commitment to quality and innovation has earned him recognition among esteemed figures in the industry.

Under Sanjay’s leadership, Pheme Entertainment Private Limited continues to set new standards, offering professional experiences rooted in decades of expertise and a relentless pursuit of excellence.”