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Explore the world of Pheme Entertainment Private Limited.

Welcome to Pheme Entertainment, a premier production house based in Mumbai, India, with over 33 years of expertise in the entertainment industry. Specializing in the creation of TV serials, films, ad films, albums, and Investment & Finance services, we have consistently delivered excellence across every facet of entertainment.

Our commitment to innovation and quality is unwavering. With a determined and open-minded approach, we engage in fruitful discussions, plan meticulously, and execute our projects with precision and passion. At Pheme Entertainment, we thrive on creative challenges, continuously pushing the boundaries to deliver exceptional products.

From television channels to theaters, multiplexes, and OTT platforms, we have catered to a diverse range of clients, offering comprehensive services tailored to their needs. With Pheme Entertainment, you can trust in our dedication to bringing your vision to life, ensuring every project exceeds expectations.

Join us on this exhilarating journey of creativity and excellence. Welcome to Pheme Entertainment, where imagination meets reality, and dreams become blockbuster successes.


“We harness our collective strength to innovate, crafting TV commercials across various genres at Pheme Entertainment Private Limited. Rooted in the expertise of our team and fueled by thorough research, we strive to produce meaningful work that resonates with audiences.”

Pheme Entertainment

"Why We Exist"

In House


“In-house productions at Pheme Entertainment Private Limited cover a diverse spectrum of art forms, ranging from Comedy, Social, Thriller, and Horror to Musical, Classical, Historical, Mythological, and Film-based programs. Our versatility across these genres is a testament to our brand’s strength and commitment to delivering captivating entertainment experiences.”

Our Services

Film’s Trailer

"Our expertise lies in creating top-notch film trailers that captivate audiences with unparalleled professionalism and impactful storytelling."

Ad Film

"Lights, camera, action! Propel your brand to the spotlight with our impactful ad films, customized to meet your advertising needs. Let us enhance your presence and captivate your audience like never before."

TV Serials

"Get ready to be captivated! Our TV serials offer an immersive experience that will keep you hooked from start to finish. Brace yourself for entertainment that exceeds expectations."


"Your music, your narrative, our expertise. Let us transform your vision into a mesmerizing album that resonates with hearts. Together, we'll create an unforgettable musical journey."


"Lights, camera, success! Rely on our passion, talent, and experience to breathe life into your film idea, surpassing even your wildest expectations. Together, let's transform your vision into an unforgettable cinematic reality."

Investment & Finance

"Empower your dreams with our tailored investment and finance options crafted specifically for TV serials, web series, and films. Let's transform your vision into reality together."

"PHEME: Illuminating the Entertainment Ecosystem Through Collaboration and Brilliance."

“Is there an idea that consumes your thoughts? A concept that refuses to let go? Or perhaps a character you’ve come to know as well as your closest friends? At Pheme Entertainment, we’re constantly searching for captivating new narratives to explore. If you have a pitch that could be the next big sensation in India, and beyond, we want to hear it. Share your idea with us, and together, let’s create the next unforgettable story that captures the imagination of the world.”

We cultivate an inspiring environment igniting creativity across all our products and services.

"In entertainment, change ignites creativity. It's our spark for innovation, propelling us toward new heights of storytelling and experience."


“Celebrate boundless creativity with Pheme Entertainment. Our seasoned team of creatives and technicians stands ready to transform your TV serials into unforgettable experiences. From ideation to execution, we offer comprehensive solutions tailored to your needs. Whether you seek package deals for OTT platforms, satellite channels, or seamless production support, we deliver excellence at every turn. Entrust us with your approved TV serials, and let’s embark on a journey of innovation and success. With our proven expertise and unwavering commitment, the sky’s the limit.”


"Working with Sanjay Singh was an absolute pleasure. His editing prowess is matched only by his ability to bring laughter and joy to the set. Sanjay's knack for direction shines through in every interaction, making him a standout talent in the field."
Late Prakash Mehra
Director & Producer
"Sanjay Singh's expertise as an editor is unparalleled. His attention to detail and creative flair breathe life into every project he touches. Beyond his editing skills, Sanjay's sense of humor and innate talent for direction set him apart as a multifaceted powerhouse in the industry."
Late Kapoor Chand Koolish
Rajasthan Patrika
"I've had the privilege of collaborating with Sanjay Singh on several projects, and his talent knows no bounds. As an editor, he elevates the storytelling with his keen eye and technical expertise. Beyond his editing skills, Sanjay's humor and visionary approach to direction add depth and richness to every production."
Late Tulsi Ramsay & Shyam Ramsay
Director & Producer
"Sanjay Singh is a creative force to be reckoned with. His editing skills are top-notch, but it's his infectious humor and visionary direction that truly set him apart. Sanjay's ability to seamlessly transition between roles speaks volumes about his versatility and talent in the industry."
Late Mukul S Anand
Director Mad Film
"Sanjay Singh's dedication to his craft is truly inspiring. His editing finesse transforms ordinary footage into cinematic masterpieces, while his wit and humor infuse every project with a refreshing energy. Sanjay's natural talent for direction is evident in his ability to guide the creative vision with precision and flair."
Late Hrishikesh Mukherjee